Is your University Impact Ready?


for Self-Assessment of Universities Research Impact Awareness, Literacy and Readiness


The ENLIGHT toolkit for the self-assessment of research impact awareness, literacy and readiness is a self-reflection tool designed for universities who wish to explore at an institutional level their research impact potential. The toolkit guides users through focus areas considered as relevant for universities to be research impact-driven.

The toolkit is not a benchmarking tool but a diagnostic aid to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and where there is space for improvement in the research impact environment. It is largely inspired by the Institutional Healthcheck Workbook of Dr. David Phipps and Dr. Julie Bayley, but also by other sources such as EARMA Impact Strategy Survey, Vertigo Ventures Impact Landscape Survey and the ACCOMPLISSH Assessment of Institutional Support and Staff Awareness of Research Impact.

The toolkit can be used in 2 user modes: 1) as a university management staff member; 2) as an academic/researcher or member of research support staff. The toolkit consists of 19 major questions organised around 6 major focus areas and provides the user with instant access to results. The toolkit is free, confidential and open to anyone to use. Read more.

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About us

IMPACT is at the core of the mission of the European University Alliance ENLIGHT and, as such, one of its main objectives is to promote an impact-based culture both within and beyond ENLIGHT universities. This includes the promotion of a model of good practice of impact-directed management and the integration of impact across Higher Education, Research and Innovation activities.

The University Research Impact Awareness, Literacy and Readiness self-assessment toolkit is one of a number of project outputs of the ENLIGHT research impact team to achieve these objectives. It is specifically designed for universities, both within and beyond the ENLIGHT network, who wish to explore their research impact potential.

In the context of the ENLIGHT project, we understand impact as the effects or changes that we can see (demonstrate, measure, capture) beyond academia (on society, economy, environment, etc.) which happen because of an activity in the higher education environment. Read more.

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Before you start the self-assessment please read carefully the information document here. You will be asked to provide your consent to the ENLIGHT research impact team to process, store, analyse and report on the data that is gathered. In doing so, all necessary measures will be taken to protect the confidentiality of your personal data.

Please be also aware that your responses will not be registered if you leave the tool before answering all its questions. So please foresee some time (10 minutes approximately) to go through the 19 multiple-option questions.


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